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AFI veröffentlichen neue Single “Get Dark”

AFI sind zurück und das punkiger als manch einer erwartet hätte. Am 07. Dezember erscheint auf dem bandeigenen Label EX NOCTEM NACIMUR die EP "The Missing Man" und daraus gibt es nun die erste Single "Get Dark". Die Nummer zeigt klare Reminiszensen an das 2000er "The Art Of Drowning" oder "Sing The Sorrow". Für den Mix und die Produktion zeichnet sich AFI-Gitarrist Jade Puget verantwortlich.

From the initial performance and recording, it had a driving sense of forward movement and penetrating connection. The song’s themes of deification and deference, self-loathing and vanity, captivation and release, damage and healing, are posed in a subtle invitation to those inherently compelled to accept.” - Davey Havok (Vocals)

The song is built on the sparseness and simplicity of the verse drum groove and guitar riff that opens up into this big anthemic chorus. For the EP, the same idea of a certain rawness was really important to the overall vibe. I feel like it’s easy to turn out a slick, polished set of songs, but to walk that fine line between studio creation and live sound can be difficult. It’s been an intense labor of love and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it.” - Jade Puget (Gitarre)

Hier könnt ihr die EP bestellen.