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Crossfaith veröffentlichen neuen Song “Diavolos”

Crossfaith veröffentlichen am 04. August ihre neue 3-Track EP "Freedom" via UNFD. Als ersten Song hat die Band nun "Diavolos" ausgekoppelt, ausgerechnet den, bei dem kein Gastmusiker zugegen ist. Welche die EP unterstützen, lest ihr weiter unten. PreOrders findet ihr hier.

"The story is set in the near future, it reminds AKIRA'S 'NEO TOKYO' or Blade Runner. There are 3 characters. Main characters are the guys (Crossfaith) who want to know what is the freedom and there’re boys and girls which includes one girl made by machine and the story is that Crossfaith rescue her and take her to the place of freedom.  In the beginning of the song, there is narration which is the moment that government requires special forces called 'M.A.C.H.I.N.E.S' to chase the boys and the girls. Main concept behind the story is, in the near future, the civilization is developed rapidly and everything about living life is getting more convenience but some people have doubt about the convenient life, then we started re-think about what is the true sense of word 'FREEDOM'".


1. Freedom (ft. Rou Reynolds from Enter Shikari)
2. Rockstar Steady (ft. JESSE The BONEZ / RIZE)
3. Diavolos