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Via Equal Vision ist kürzlich "From The Gallery Of Sleep", das neue Album von Night Verses erschienen. Daraus hat die Band nun die nächste Single (nach "Infinity Beach") ausgekoppelt und mit einem Musikvideo gekürt. Dieses Mal wird uns "Vice Wave" audiovisuell nähergebracht und im Video erlebt die Protagonistin Lexington Vanderberg eine Begegnung der dritten Art.

"This was one of the last songs written for the record. It started with Nick's intro lead and ended up in a direction none of us expected. I think the big turning point in the writing process was when Nick added those massive fuzz/noise ring outs in the bridge. Once those were in place, the rest of the song quickly started to gravitate in that direction. Side note: The digital percussion sounds were influenced by all the Ministry, Arca and Post-era Bjork I was listening to at the time." - Aric Improta (Drums)

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