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Die Alternative-Urgesteine Therapy? haben heute via Marshall Records ihr mittlerweile 15. Album veröffentlicht. Nach etlichen Touren durch Europa, mal akustisch, mal verstärkt haben die Nordiren nun mit "Cleave" eine Platte vorgelegt, die sich auf alte Tage besinnt und sich irgendwo zwischen den (noisig-rockigen) 90er-Alben "Troublegum" und "Nurse" bewegt (alleine die Piccolo-Snare schiebt den Hörer zurück in die Hochzeit des Grunge und Alternative).

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Nach "Callow" haben Therapy? nun die nächste Single des kommenden Albums veröffentlicht. "Wreck It Like Beckett" heißt die Nummer, deren seltsamer Titel der Sänger der Band wie folgt erklärt:

"This song originated with Michael. He told me he had a riff which reminded him of 'She Watch Channel Zero' by Public Enemy and he sent me over a bass riff, a guitar riff and a drum beat. I thought the riff was incredible, and so we chopped it up in the rehearsal room, to make it more stop-start, like [classic Therapy? tracks] Knives or Screamager, and that really worked. Lyrically, it’s about trying to start anew. The reason that [Irish playwright and poet] Samuel Beckett is referenced in the title is that each time Beckett began a new project he used to imagine that he was sitting at a desk and could swipe his arm across the desk to clear away all the sheets of paper so that he could make a fresh start. This is a song that sets the album up as a new chapter for Therapy?.” - Andy Cairns (Gesang, Gitarre)

Vorbestellen könnt ihr "Cleave", das am 21. September via Marshall Records erscheint hier.

Therapy? on tour:

16. Oktober, Knust, Hamburg
18.Oktober, Zoom, Frankfurt
19. Oktober, Gebäude 9, Köln
20. Oktober, Sputnikhalle, Münster
21. Oktober, SO36, Berlin

Bereits vor zwei Wochen haben Therapy? nach dem Audiostream zur ersten Single "Callow" vom kommenden Album "Cleave", das am 21. September via Marshall Records erscheinen wird jener nun auch ein Musikvideo spendiert. Sänger und Gitarrist Andy Cairns hat eine ausführliche Erklärung, wie es zu der Single kam und was sie inhaltlich bedeutet:

“Callow is one of two songs on the album that I wrote start-to-finish. Everyone who knows anything about our band know that I love Hüsker Dü and The Buzzcocks and Ramones, and this is another melodic punky song in the vein of Nowhere and Screamager and Lonely, Cryin’, Only, with maybe a hint of the Manic Street Preachers The Holy Bible too. My son Jonah is really into a rapper called Lil Peep, which sounds to me like emo with trap drum beats, with lyrics about how fucked up and lost and lonely he feels, and I managed to get Jonah a ticket for his show in London last year. A few months later he said to me, ‘Lil Peep is dead’, and I could see that he was really affected by it: I realised that, for him, this was like the passing of John Lennon or Ian Curtis or Kurt Cobain.  In some of his music, Lil Peep talked about the antidepressant Xanax, the over-use of which has become a real problem in the UK, and while I was thinking about that I remembered a Stephen Fry quote where, after he was prescribed antidepressants to combat his manic depression, and he said that he felt like a zombie for months. He said something like, ‘If you take away my demons, you’ll also take my angels.’ His point was that, yes, there were dizzying heights and terrifying lows without antidepressants, but he’d rather have that than constant numbness. So this song is talking about how we negotiate the chaos of life right now, and to understand why someone might numb out so that they don’t notice our divides”.

Die Tracklist des Albums:

1. Wreck It Like Beckett
2. Kakistocracy
3. Callow
4. Expelled
5. Success Success Is Survival
6. Save Me From The Ordinary
7. Crutch
8. I Stand Alone
9. Dumbdown
10. No Sunshine

Vorbestellen könnt ihr die Scheibe hier.

Therapy? on tour:

16. Oktober, Knust, Hamburg
18.Oktober, Zoom, Frankfurt
19. Oktober, Gebäude 9, Köln
20. Oktober, Sputnikhalle, Münster
21. Oktober, SO36, Berlin

Die irischen Alternative-/Noiserock-Urgesteine Therapy? haben kürzlich einen Deal mit Marshall Records (ja, dem Verstärker- und Boxenhersteller) unterzeichnet und bringen nun die erste Single als Vorboten zum 15. Album, das noch diesen Herbst erscheinen soll. Details folgen in den nächsten Wochen.

"Callow", die erste Auskopplung, folgt bereits dem thematischen Schwerpunkt der Platte, die laut Band das "New age of anxiety" als roten Faden besitzt.

"After the death of Lil Peep and the media spotlight on Xanax addiction the band thought back to an old Stephen Fry quote relating to his demon-battling days of manic depression and his dislike of anti depressants and their numbing effect. “ if you take away my demons, you’ll take my angels too”. Does this anxious new age require self administered oblivion? Have we reached a point where we need to zone out from the constant, warring and divisive noise around us?  The sweetest of melodies over a panic stricken tempo and a refusal to kowtow.
This is Therapy? in 2018” - Andy Cairns (Gesang/Gitarre)

Live kann man sich vielleicht schon vom neuen Material bei folgenden Shows überzeugen lassen:

02. Juni: Vestrock Festival, Hulst (NL)
03. Juni: Musikbunker, Aachen
08. Juni: Haus Der Jugend, Düsseldorf
09. Juni: Cafe Central, Weinheim
10. Juni: Rockavaria Festival, München
15. Juni: Radio Bob Rockcamp Festival, Kieler Woche
23. Juni: Genk Onstage Festival, Genk (BE)