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Am 26. Oktober erscheint "Vector", das neue Album der britischen Progrocker Haken via InsideOut Music. Daraus gibt es nun die erste Single "The Good Doctor".

"Finally, the prescription you've all been waiting for... This dose of Haken is the result of one of the earliest tests we conducted during the Vector experimental process. Best taken aurally three times a day before meals. 'The Good Doctor' will see you now! Making this video was a very cool, creative experience for us. Our director Stuart White presented his interpretation of the song in which we follow a man experiencing a manic, psychotic episode. Combined with the band footage, it encapsulates the energy of the song splendidly."

Produziert hat das Album die Band selbst, niemand anderes als Ex-Peripherys Adam "Nolly" Getgood war für's Recording und Mixing verantwortlich, während das Artwork wieder von Blacklake beigesteuert wird.

Die Tracklist:

1. Clear
2. The Good Doctor
3. Puzzle Box
4. Veil
5. Nil By Mouth
6. Host
7. A Cell Divides

Vorbestellen könnt ihr die Platte hier.