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Auf "Soyuz One" folgt mit "Exit Suite" nun die nächste Single des am 18. Mai  via Kscope erscheinenden Albums "Soyuz" der norwegischen Prog-/Artrocker Gazpacho.

"The song turned out to be a mournful lament with cinematic qualities and when we were asked if there were any songs that might suit having an accompanying film, “Exit Suite”, as it is called, was suggested along with a couple of other tracks. The result you can see below. It was made by Dewi Allen from the university of South Wales, Cardiff.

When we spoke to him he had an original idea that we had lots of comments and suggested changes to but he stuck to his guns thankfully and the film he made was fantastic. It speaks for itself and showcases his very special talent. I hope you all agree.

Spring is the air! Not in the film but in the air so kiss each other and be happy. We sure will." - Thomas Andersen (Keyboards, Programming)

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