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Stick To Your Guns veröffentlichen neuen Song “The Sun, The Moon, The Truth: Penance of Self”

Stick To Your Guns haben heute ihr neues Album "True View" angekündigt, das am 13. Oktober via Pure Noise/End Hits Records erscheinen wird. Als Auskopplung gab's auch direkt die Nummer "The Sun, The Moon, The Truth: Penance of Self” dazu, ein sattes Melodic Hardcore-Brett, bei dem sich Jesse Barnett melodisch deutlich zurückhält und mehr auf Konfrontation setzt.

"Something I see in a lot of people, including almost everyone of my peers, is the inability to be honest with oneself. Everyone thinks they're right. Everyone can't seem to get a grip on the reality of being self-aware. I was this way and I'm sure I still can be. I was an incredibly selfish person who did whatever I felt like doing. I would leave a trail of destruction everywhere I went and my loved ones would always give me the pass." - Jesse Barnett

PreOrders laufen hierzulande via EMP und Impericon.


1. 3 Feet From Peace
2. The Sun, The Moon, The Truth: Penance of Self
3. Married to the Noise
4. Delinelle
5. Cave Canem
6. 56
7. The Inner Authority: Realization of Self
8. You Are Free
9. Doomed By You
10. The Better Days Before Me
11. Owed Nothing
12. Through the Chain Link
13. The Reach for Me: Forgiveness of Self