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Dayseeker veröffentlichen neuen Song “Vultures”

Dayseeker veröffentlichen am 14. Juli ihr neues Album "Dreaming Is Sinking /// Waking Is Rising" via Spinefarm Records. Die Band um Gesangstalent Rory Rodriguez schickt vorab "Vultures" mit passendem Video ins Rennen.

"This song is not only the start of our album, but it's also written for our dear friend who was a victim of sexual assault. This is a huge issue that we wanted to write about, not only to bring to light the trauma a person goes through when this happens, but to hopefully offer solace to those same people, as well."

PreOrders gibt's u. a. hier.


"Dreaming is Sinking"
"Cold, Dark Winter"
"Sleep in the Sea pt. II"
"Six Feet Under"
"Hanging by a Thread"
"Carved from Stone"
"Come Hell or High Water"
"Waking Is Rising"